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Why does the topic of the website providing me a backlink matter?

Google is very good at detecting if backlinks are coming from unrelated sites and if they see a high-percentage of links coming from sites with random topics then the links have much less SEO impact and despite any stats, don't help your site rank. If you get backlinks to your site from other sites with related and unique content then you will get better results in a shorter time.


What is a “Bad Neighbourhood” backlink?

Many people try and game the system. They do this buy using special SEO hosting that allows them to host websites on multiple IP addresses. In the past, this worked but Google has adapted and now takes into account the reputation of the IP address that sites are hosted on and adjusts the backlink SEO-value accordingly.

Keep in mind: Sites that use a typical SEO hosting service are sharing a pool of IP addresses that are being used by lots of dubious low-quality sites. 

In the same way, your crawl budget is affected by the IP address, getting links from these low-quality bad neighborhoods is not effective at increasing your ranks. The most effective backlinks are from IP addresses that are shared by multiple legitimate sites.

All of our backlinks come from good neighborhoods and not from dubious SEO network hosting.


What is the difference between a homepage or internal backlink?

At the moment, due to the popularity of guest posting, internal linking has become a lot less effective. It is far too easy for sites to churn out low-quality posts to drop links on. With a typical blog type website as new posts are added to the site, the post moves further and further down the archive. Eventually, it is many steps away from the homepage and loses most of the “link juice” that it passes on. This can lead to a short-term boost that drops off and you enter a cycle of having to constantly buy new guest posts in order to maintain your ranking.

Because of this, and also because of the trust it implies, getting a backlink from the homepage of a website is a lot more powerful and you will see a large ranking shift with a lot fewer links.

At Cloud Juice we provide both internal links as well as homepage links
All of our links are permanent and are never archived at a later date. Your internal links will stay at the same position in the site so your ranking increases will be permanent and not fluctuate.

What is link velocity?

Google pays a lot of attention to the pattern that site get links. If a site gets a lot of links in a very short space of time it can seem unnatural and Google treats the links with suspicion, not passing on their full ranking value.

Because of this, it is sometimes best to stagger links out over a period of time. The amount of links your site can take depends on how many links you already have and the age of the site. Established sites can support more aggressive linking while new sites should be more cautious.

Before we provide links we will assess what you are trying to achieve and provide a recommendation for what we believe to be the right link velocity for your project. Ultimately, the decision is down to you how many you want and over what timeframe but we will give our recommendations based on our many years of SEO experience.


What is link diversity and how does it help me?

One of the most common reasons we see for link building to be ineffective is that links are coming from a "stagnant pool".  This is because there are common ways that sites use to build SEO stats like DA, DR, and TF such as building social media satellite sites and tiering the links.

The problem comes when you get a lot of links from sites that all used the same link building method to boost and manipulate their stats.  The same sources are used over and over again for each domain.  This is what creates the stagnant pool and makes links ineffective.

Google knows what the typical link profile of a site should look like so if an unusual proportion of your links are coming from a particular type of site then there is an increased likelihood of the links being devalued.

As we use genuine sites that built up their link profiles naturally over time, our links are extremely effective because they are coming from a diverse number of sources.


What is the most effective anchor text strategy?

Right now all of our experiments and results show that keyword stuffing anchor text is detrimental. We have got the best results by using a high mix of branded anchor terms with the specific targeted keywords. We will provide the backlink anchor text any way you wish but if you leave it to use we will use the optimal ratio to get you the best results.

How many links do I need to rank?

There is no one answer to know how many links you'll need to rank that really depends on the level of competition and the quality of backlinks among other factors. If you are unsure about the difficulty of the rankings you are attempting then speak with us and we can assist you with a competitive analysis which will provide estimates for what is required to achieve the desired results.